Your Session for $125 includes:

    *Full night gig shots including backstage candids, crowd shots, stage shots all professionally edited and artistically altered pictures


    *Copyright wavier to disk with all edited shots saved in JPG form (great for up-loading to your web-site and all social media sites, able to print as many prints as you like as often as you like, perfect for show posters and advertising

    Your Press Kit for $150 includes:

    *On location group Band shots. You choose the locations that speaks to your band's creativity and vibe! Desert, Urban, Beach, train tracks or trash heap... it's only limited to your imagination!

    *Individual Head shots of each band member

    *All your edited photos saved in JPG on a photo disc perfect for social media uploads, printing posters, advertisements, websites, print them out and sell them as swag! You have full rights to all your photos for marketing and profit.

    Live Band Shots
    Press Kits

     Dead Man's Party

     Jake - trumpet

     A.J. - bass

     Greg - drums

     Bruce - sax

     Rob - vocals

     Norm - keyboard

     Roger - sax

     Mike - guitar